3 Bali-villas in private sale

Short video featuring the resort

Layout of Holiway Garden

Ground floor with roofed terrace

Upper floor with roofed balcony


Background story

It was a German founder’s couple who created an oasis of quietness and relaxation on the North shore of Bali — Island of the Gods. We are narrating about Holiway Garden Resort & Spa which has realized a unique idea based on an alluring concept. At this resort, people looking for relaxation and revitalisation are discovering and encountering how their dream of Bali manifests in their experience. Feel the thrill of the idea, the concept, and success story by contacting Ms Maria Doerr, managing director and co-founder, and become part of the Holiway Garden family, by purchasing one of the villas presented here.  

Who are we, the current owners?

We are a German speaking trio, comprised of an Austrian couple (Villa Shiva), a German couple (Villa Brahma), and a Swiss single (Villa Chandra), who have realized their Bali dream and met at Holiway Garden Resort & Spa and who would now like to present you 3 individually planned and furnished villas for sale. Have a look at each of our stories, further down. 


On the map on the left, you’ll see the location within the resort, for each of the villas which are offered here (identified by the corresponding villa number, marked with a red pentagon):


Villa Brahma <3|1>             Villa Chandra <4|5>               Villa Shiva <3|4>   

Extract from the original sales exposé from Holiway Garden Resort & Spa

The resort


17 fully furnished villas were already sold but you can now take the chance to buy your own property in this wonderful resort on Bali, Indonesia.  


Holiway Garden Resort & Spa is a holiday, seminar, and therapeutic center. You can go on holiday here, book your seminars and therapy sessions, enjoy your retirement, or rent out your villa as an investment object. You benefit from the amenities of a vacation resort that is managed by the owner, the collective marketing of the investment object, and partake on the revenue of the sold villa, so that your financial risk is minimized. 


Beside the fully furnished 17 villas the resort is composed of 10 bungalows, a 140 sqm meditation hall, 40 sqm seminar room, restaurant, spa & wellness, 20 meter pool, 4 ocean terraces,  private beach access with tropical coral reef.


Location on the Indian Ocean


Your villa is situated within a 1.5 hectare palm tree plantation, located directly on the shore of the Indian Ocean and embedded in a lush tropical garden. The location is absolutely quiet, no through-traffic — pure nature. For seekers of tranquillity, Bali’s North shore is amongst the first choices. A beautiful coral reef, situated right in front of the resort, provides an open invitation for snorkeling and diving. Delight in amazing sunrises and sunsets, dolphin sightings, and the exceptional nature of North Bali. 


In the village of Sambirenteng you will find quietness and relaxation and can give free expression to your creativity and gain new inspiration for your life. Though you are not alone here, you are still in your private and personal atmosphere. The resort is under German management und mostly marketed in the German speaking countries. The location is ideal for all water sports, cycling, hiking, and strategically located to explore the island. Within just 90 minutes drive, you will reach one of the most beautiful golf courses of the world, may hike up to volcanos, visit Balinese cultural sites, bathe under energizing waterfalls, or dive in holy springs. You may also like to focus completely on your personal development, while the staff manage all your daily needs.  


Enjoy the Balinese hospitality, the local cuisine, tropical fruits, and culinary delights. In the village of Sambirenteng, you will find a tennis court and a badminton hall. Articles for personal needs can be bought in the village. From Sambirenteng you quickly reach all the dive resorts of Bali., like Tulamben, which is 40 minutes away. Ubud, the cultural and art center of Bali is reached within 90 minutes. The former capital city Singaraja is located about 30 Km to the West. There you will find good medical services, hospitals, as well as all shopping opportunities of a larger city.


135 sqm in a tropical paradise


Your villa is of a solid construction, built by Western standards and according to guidelines of Feng Shui and biology. 135 sqm of living area on 2 levels.

Ground floor: Terrace, living-/dining-room, kitchen, bath & storage. Upper floor: 2 bedrooms, balcony, toilet. The roof is tiled and thermally insulated. The villas are fully furnished and ready to move in or rent them out. Both bedrooms have  own AC, living room and terrace are equipped with ceiling fans. Each villa has internet access. The management and its staff maintain, take care of, and market your villa. You simply just enjoy your stay.

Villas in Bali style - from left to right: Brahma - Chandra - Shiva

Villa Brahma <3|1>

Story Villa Brahma


After a few visits to Bali, we truly and utterly fell in love with this beautiful island. We had the desire to create a space according to our own taste, with creative freedom that would feel like home. Such a unique atmosphere is only achieved when owning your own home, rented accommodation does not even come close.

To begin with, our search led us initially to the South of the island where we had a look at quite a few properties. While the houses themselves were charming, they were often occupied by Balinese staff and their families in the absence of the owner. This realization had prompted us to focus our search on gated communities and small resorts. Luckily, we came across Holiway Garden Resort. Its romantic location right on the coast, boasting a stunning coral reef and dark, volcanic beaches was exactly what we were looking for and the decision was easy to buy one of the last remaining Villas in 2012.

We fell in love with Villa Brahma and its location with its uninterrupted views across landscaped gardens and the gleaming Indian Ocean. With a contractual clause, we made sure our view was protected and nothing could be built to obstruct it. Villa Brahma wasn’t quite finished yet so we had the freedom to realize our own ideas. Changes we made enabled us to implement our individual wants and needs.

Finally, in Mai 2013 we were able to move in and  enjoyed our home ever since. 

Many guests have so far confirmed a pleasant positive energy surrounding the house, credit to Brahma, the highest deity in Hinduism. This positive energy is also the reason why we feel so comfortable and relaxed in this villa. 

Luckily we experienced the benefits of the North of the island as the climate is slightly drier, with less rain and more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in Bali. We were also happy to notice that tourist packed beaches are not a feature of the landscape. A new airport serving the North is soon becoming a reality which will safeguard and strengthen the investment considerably. Lastly it was important to us to be in striking distance of a bigger town with all its amenities and Singaraja hit the mark as former capital of Bali.

During our many stays, we met Austrians Eva and Franz and Swiss national Jan, who quickly became close friends. Together, we now look forward to realising our own project close to Ubud which will require most of our attention. Therefore, heavy heartedly, we decided to sell on our precious Villa Brahma. We would wish for nothing more than a buyer who will, like us, see and appreciate the magical uniqueness of Holiway Garden and our Villa Brahma. Whoever the lucky person(s) will be, we wish them the same happiness, positive energy and meaningful way of living we were party to, in the midst of inspiring and likeminded people.  

Villa Chandra <4|5>

Story Villa Chandra


I clearly remember the moment when the thought came that I would like to have a home here in this beautiful and exotic place in the North of Bali. I was swimming out in the ocean, looking back towards the shore with its palm trees lining and the steep backdrop of the Balinese mountains, with these lush tropical forests covering their slopes. I had come to Holiway Garden Resort in May of 2013 as the resort urgently needed a replacement for a Yoga teacher who cancelled last minute. The first thing that struck me about Holiway was how the houses were so carefully placed in this manicured garden by the sea. Everything was so peaceful and harmonious. I was thinking that this is a place where people will come to recharge themselves and return home, deeply relaxed and with a newly found vitality and enthusiasm.

At the time I stayed at Holiway for 2 weeks, teaching Yoga to their guests and enjoying the tranquility and superbly maintained resort. Even though I was “working”, I felt like being on vacation. Oh, I have to mention that I had been living in Bali for more than 3 years already, starting in the Ubud area, but always feeling a strong attraction to quiet Eastern und Northern coastline of the island. Then came that moment during my 2 week stay at Holiway, floating in the Indian ocean, looking back at this little paradise heaven and thinking “Why not stay here for some time and get a house in this place”?

It turned out that all the villas had been sold already, but as luck wanted it, the buyer of the last finished villa had to cancel her contract, due to personal financial problems. The location of the villa, in the most undisturbed and private space of the resort, was ideal for me and with the sea-view from the upstairs balcony, I had both privacy and the calming sight of the ocean. So in August of 2013, I moved into Villa Chandra and made it my new residence in Bali.

One of the aspects I love most about Holiway is the Lotus Spa. I’ve been to many massage places on Bali and many more spas around the world, but there is something very special and unique about the atmosphere and care taking at the Lotus Spa at Holiway. Is it the carefully selected treatments, the heartfelt and skilled care-taking of the masseuses, the relaxed atmosphere by the sea or the tantalizing aromas of the natural oils? It’s probably a combination of all these that left me (and others) with an enchanted smile on my face after each visit there.

After some months at Holiway I decided to upgrade some of the features of the villa and give it a more personal note. I have added a second bathroom with bathtub and waterfall shower, a hand-crafted granite kitchen, a terrace extension (where I would do Yoga with the rising sun) and made some modifications and personalizations around the house, including some artistically hand-painted glass doors.

I was delighted with my new home and so are the many guests who stay here when I’m not using the villa for myself. But as fate wanted it, I had not only enjoyed a beautiful 3 years in my home at Holiway, but also found wonderful new friendships with Franz, Eva, Thomas, and Klaus there. Together we have found a new challenge for ourselves, a common vision to be realized in the center of Bali. It was not an easy decision to put my beloved Villa Chandra for sale and I deeply hope that a new owner will be as delighted with Holiway and Villa Chandra as have been these past years.

Villa Shiva <3|4>

Story Villa Shiva 


Our search for a new home started long before we dared to dream about a life amongst Gods and Demons. Having spent our working lives in Austria, we always knew that we were ready for an adventure as soon as we retired. Extensive travels throughout  the South East of Asia brought inspiration and nourished our appetite for the exotic but nothing would truly satisfy our soul. Our new home had to choose us…and so it did in the Summer of 2010.

While exploring the mystic Island of Bali, we felt ourselves drawn to the largely unspoilt north. An advert in an obscure magazine pointed the way to Holiday Garden. Still in its infancy, the resort was nothing more than a couple of villas within a construction site. Standing in front of the gaping whole which would hold the pool one day, we knew we had found our paradise. What we fell in love with was not only the place and its people but also the vision. A vision of growing old in a supportive community, immersed in Bali’s rich culture of ceremonies, togetherness and spiritual freedom. Holiway’s unique concept of respectful, peaceful living and integration of local and foreign cultures felt like a meeting of minds and we knew there and then that we had to stay.

Purchasing Villa Shiva before it was built gave us the opportunity for creative freedom within the Holiway Resort. Our intention was always to create another home, not just a place to stay and sleep in. We decided to fill our already familiar home with treasure from local artists, antiquities from Timor and furnishings lovingly crafted by a carpenter in our nearest village. What made our paradise perfect was our own precious mango tree right in front of our veranda. Little did we know then how many wonderful evenings we would spend in this spot, gazing at the ocean and forging relationships for life.

Villa Shiva definitely found us – she stands right in the centre of the resort, along the path or ‘holi way’ which is used by residents, holiday makers and locals alike. We felt right at home, in the heart of the community and our comfortable veranda was always filled with friends, inspiring conversation and the sound of music. Even members of staff would offer friendly hello’s and goodbye’s as they went about their daily business. Because of its position, Villa Shiva gave us the gift of a new social network that we never even dreamt of having. We became party of the local life and culture, celebrating births, mourning deaths and honouring ceremonies. Most important of all, we had created not only a home in paradise but we have also found a new family in Holiway’s residents and exceptional staff.

Newfound friendships with Klaus, Thomas and Jan have fuelled our desire for adventure again and inspired by Holiway’s creation we now set out to realise our own vision and dreams.

We are sad to say goodbye to our precious villa Shiva but it is time for her to find a new owner. While our attention has been turned to fresh projects, we sincerely wish for the new buyer to experience the same happiness and fulfilling peace that we have been granted in Holiway Garden over the past few years. 

Villa Brahma

 detailed description of non-standard furnishing and upgrades

  • All furniture in solid teak wood (white wash), individually designed and manufactured
  • Interior walls in sun yellow, white ceiling
  • Consistent color concept
  • Premium-quality fitted kitchen in solid wood (gum tree – this species tolerates better the differences in humidity)
  • Prime quality Granite kitchen worktops Built-in fridge with freezer
  • Technical requirements for a kitchen hood (electricity)
  • Gas stove
  • Kitchen sink in natural stone
  • Entire ground floor with large tiles in a special floor design (bicolor)
  • Outside rounded instead of cornered pillars
  • Enlarged terrace with balustrade (construction with shelf function at the top)
  • Floor-length, silky curtains (soft yellow) – even on terrace & dressing compartment
  • Ceiling of spacious bathroom made from security glass (umbrella style)
  • On westside two additional windows  on the ground floor and one additional window on first floor (single bedroom) for maximum use of daylight
  • Storage room under the stair completely separated by wooden construction and fitted by high-quality store system in plastic
  • Aluminium rail (for the sliding doors between inside/outside) cladded by matching wood veneer
  • Outdoor protection against termites installed (with warranty)
  • Empty conduits for TV, internet (ground and first floor, on the spacious balcony)
  • Technical requirements for air conditioning in the lounge (ground floor) existing
  • Technical requirements (incl. water outlet) for washing machine in the bathroom existing
  • Window frames at the outer facade painted in Balinese style
  • Instead of milk glass screens (dressing compartment and guest toilet) normal screens with decorative sheets (flower design)
  • Two doors with large glass inserts (bathroom and guest toilet) with Hindu motif for maximum use of daylight
  • Potable water tank in Balinese-Style (wooden construction)
  • Floor in the shower consists an individually patterned mosaic
  • Different from the wall color, tiled shelf in the bathroom
  • Plastered alcove in Balinese-Style  in the stairways (home of a small Ganesha sculpture)
  • Wooden steps of the stairs additionally cladded by bamboo veneer to avoid small joints between  planks
  • Electricity box cased by a wooden box in wall color
  • Beside of the entrance stair: tiled pedestal atop for a fountain (technical requirements for electricity already installed)

Villa Chandra 

detailed description of non standard furnishings and upgrades



  • Extended terrace with natural stone tiles, “sun mosaic”, and balustrade
  • Queen size day bed, massive wood, with bedroom quality mattress and mosquito net (may be used to sleep 2 additional people)


  • High quality built-in gas stove
  • High grade granite counter tops and shelves
  • Marble wash basin
  • Larger, energy efficient refrigerator (with 2nd standard refrigerator on stand-by, as needed)

Dining Room / Living Room

  • White washed cabinet added
  • Extra quiet and powerful ceiling fan
  • Extra window added on West-side, giving more light and brightness to the living room area

Bathrooms (2)

  • 2nd bathroom added with bathtub and waterfall shower
  • Both bathrooms with toilet, sink, and built-in natural stone vanity
  • Bathrooms are divided with sliding glass door with artistic opaque inlay
  • Both bathroom doors equipped with hand-painted opaque windows for added light
  • Italian handmade designer lampshade in each bathroom


Bedroom I

  • 1 King-size bed, massive wood, with mosquito net
  • Small adjunct for work-space or storage, separated with curtains

Bedroom II

  • 2 Twin beds, massive wood, Each with separate mosquito nets

Toilet and wash basin in the first floor 



  • Shared between 2 bedrooms with ocean-views



  • Wooden steps of the stairs are additionally cladded by bamboo veneer to avoid small joints between wooden planks and provide more comfort when walking on them
  • Added drop-down ceiling for additional sound-proofing between downstair and upstair floors
  • Fan built into storage area (beneath stairs) for added air circulation
  • Termite protection system installed (with warranty)

Villa Shiva 

detailed description of non standard furnishings and upgrades



  • Paved Patio area with stone mosaic
  • Large Veranda with wooden floors and hand-carved wooden side panels with curtains
  • Hand-carved wooden 3 seater  
  • Lounger/daybed with matching cushions,
  • 1 wooden hand-carved chair, matching wooden table, persian rug, lampshade
  • 3 antique statues from Timor
  • Chinese vase
  • Solid wood dining room table and 6 chairs


  • Fitted gas stove with ceran and oven
  • Open plan kitchen with whitewashed furniture
  • Wooden hand-carved window shatters
  • Wooden stand and cover for freshwater dispenser
  • Solid wood sideboard in mahogany with leather insert panels
  • Leather lounge chair with foot stool
  • 2 paintings by Balinese artist “Santana”
  • 1 Large fotoprint on canvas by photo artist “Hasan”
  • 1 Wall mounted rug
  • 2 Table lamps


  • Stained glass Hallway window
  • 2 large photo prints on canvas by photo artist “Hasan”
  • 1 Wall mounted rug


  • Stained glass window (Tiffany style)
  • Copper lampshades

 Bedroom I

  • Stained glass window (Tiffany style)
  • 2 Oil paintings by local balinese artist from Tejakula

Bedroom II

  • 1 Oil painting by local balinese artist from Tejakula
  • Samsung 42” full HD smart TV

 Option to part on a sailing catamaran “Grabner happy cat vision”



  • Termite protection system installed (with warranty)

purchase price 150.000 EUR

purchase price 135.000 EUR

purchase price 140.000 EUR

3 Bali-villas > private sale    

contact requested via managing director of "Holiway Garden Resort & Spa"

Ms Maria Dörr, e-Mail: maria@holiway.net